Local food, inspirational restaurants, design and meetings and events venues in the eastern Uusimaa region. A network that works together.

Triangeli project is funded by the European fund for agricultural and rural development, the municipalities of eastern Uusimaa and Premium Visit association from January 2016 until September 2018. This project aims to gather a strong network of tourism and tourism related companies and together develop the HelsinkiEast area as a tourism destination. There are over 40 companies in the network and they work actively together for example in various events.

Main actions the project are organazing educational events for the network, product development and marketing. Companies have participated in many workshops and trainings that have focused on productization, internationalization and marketing. In addition to that a part of the network is now going through a training to become product development specialists.

HelsinkiEast brand will be created and launched during the project as a common brand for the network. It will be the visual face for this network and the new HelsinkiEast internet site will be a place where it is easy for travellers and consumers to find all different services available in the area. The networks builds this brand together and it will be largely seen in in the different tourism destinations in the area.

Benefits for a company or entrepreneur belongin to this network are various. This network is a possibility to create and market diverse tourism services and it gives good visibility to it’s members. Trainings and workshops give new tools to entrepreneurs and discussion with fellow entrepreneurs are always enriching. Development of the HelsinkiEast area is stronlgy in the hands of this network and by becoming a member of it, you will be able to be a part of the development process and future of this area.

More information:
Project manager Suvi-Riikka Milord, tel. +358 40 721 5241, suvi-riikka.milord@edupoli.fi