Sipoo, Porvoo, Loviisa and Lapinjärvi form the HelsinkiEast area that features a wealth of new sights and experiences for the visitors. Its magnificent nature, Finnish archipelago at its best, and historical old towns will charm you all over.

The eastern part of Uusimaa is just a stone’s throw from Helsinki and quick to reach by car, bus, or a ship line in the summer. Did you know that the HelsinkiEast area features more than 30 small ports for visiting by boat? Angle your bow towards the ports of HelsinkiEast! (Source

Good food is a tradition in the eastern Uusimaa region, and there are plenty of quality restaurants all around the area. Especially Porvoo has become one of the gourmet towns in Finland, and many of its restaurants use more and more local ingredients. The old town of Porvoo alone encompasses 16 restaurants and cafes – in 1957 there were none! (Source Today local restaurants offer a wide selection of menus and present fresh flavors as well as the latest food trends on your plate. Fabulous food is available all around the HelsinkiEast area; check out the gourmet destinations under Eat & Drink!

There is plenty of culture and design to see in the area. You can choose from various historical sights, including the old manor houses. The eastern Uusimaa region has more manor houses than any other area in Finland! HelsinkiEast encompasses various design items, and the stories of their makers make them all the more memorable and moving. Museums and art exhibitions are great cultural experiences. The long history and vibrant culture of the area translate into an array of invigorating events.

HelsinkiEast is an area where history is fully integrated in everyday life!

Members of Helsinki East: 

Ani’s Café

Bistro Gustaf

Bistro Sinne

Bongan Linna


Boutique Hotel Onni

Box Bed & Breakfast

Brasserie L’amour

B-Side Burgers

Café Postres

El Patio

Fazer food service / Vitriini


Gumbostrand Konst & Form

Haikon Kartano

Hotelli Seurahovi


Kalastusmatkat Bo &Tua Uddström


Konditoria-Café Vaherkylä

Kulturhuset Grand

Luovia Porvoo

M/y Mirelle Robin Behm

Malmgårdin linna

Meat District

Oy Kaj Forsblom Ab

Pariisin Ville

Porvoo Line

Porvoo Tours

Porvoon Huvilat

Porvoon Paahtimo


Ravintola Rafael’s  Steakhouse

Ravintola Wanha Laamanni

Rederi Ab J.L.Runeberg

RTG Sales

Ruokapaikka Hanna Maria

Rutumin  kartano

Rönnäs Seaside Resort


Sannäsin kartano




Silfvastas Holiday Homes

Sipoonkorven luontoyrittäjät

Stor Kroksnäs Konferensgård

Söderkullan kartano



Talma  Ski

Ulrikakoti / Rantakartano

Zum Beispiel